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Jay Bhatt - Recording Engineer / Logistics


Edoardo Marin - Producer

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After being exposed to jazz and rhythm'n'blues by his father for his whole youth, Edo started playing the guitar and singing in a punk rock band which quickly evolved into post-hardcore, southern rock and metal-core. He then moved to Amsterdam to study Audio Engineering where he started experimenting with electronic music, hip-hop and funk. He currently takes care of the communication and the promotion of Hal5 Studio, while working as producer, engineer and multi-instrumental studio musician for Dutch and international artists.   

Vasco Guedes - Developer

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In this case, curiosity didn’t kill the cat. Instead it allowed for experimentation in various fields, later colliding into audio and musical development. At HAL5, Vasco is currently focusing on developing software for analog equipment control, plug-in production tools, and mixing/implementing immersive audio projects.


Marius Bouwman - Maintenance Engineer / Designer

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Marius is our electric wizard in the studio. Not only is he our in house solution for faulty equipment and repairs, he also designs his own equipment and diagrams to help us with custom solutions in the studio. Not depending on externals and existing tech to fit our setups is possibly one of our greatest assets at the studio. Marius also works on a great deal of his own designs which you will be able to read about on our blogs and his linked in page. 

Dennis Boxem - DrumTech

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Dennis is our go to drum tech for any big drum recording session. Being a larger format recording studio, drums is one of the instruments we specialise in recording. A good recording starts at the source, not the microphone, and we can always count on Dennis to make the absolute most of the source. Very few people in the Netherlands know as much about drum kits as this man due to his long standing position as editor in chief at the "slagwerkkrant" ( Dutch drum magazine). 


Frank de Jong - Head Engineer 

Frank has over a decade of experience in audio and is the Head Engineer at HAL5 Studio.  Frank has won multiple awards for blues recordings and worked on singles, EPs and albums across many genres.  

Jay chose to leave his previous career in financial services in Hong Kong to pursue his passion in audio, picking up a diploma in Audio Engineering along the way.  He is most comfortable as a recording engineer but also is responsible for the marketing, communications and promotion of HAL5 Studio.