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Hal5's very first publicly available software tool. Vasco put his mind and soul into this Ableton exclusive max patch. The plug in will allow you to play a huge amount of customisable chord sets and can help you with your production ideas. It does this with extreme ease of use. All white keys play the chord set that you select. Each new octave plays the same chords in a higher register. For each of the seven chords that is available per octave you can select if you want to add 7ths, suspensions, inversions. And there is even the options to add extra low root notes for a deeper sounding chord.


Even without any serious knowledge of music theory, you quickly get to beautiful, full or simply interesting chord progressions for your music.

Feedback on any of our channels is more than welcome. Especially since the tool is a free to use plug in. We rely on our community to develop our ideas further as well as come up with new tools and packs.

All you have to do is fill in the form below and we will send you a download link with the following items:

  • The Max patch itself.

  • PDF manual.

  • Demo Ableton session.

Progressing took many many hours to create by one of our independent developers. HAL5 Studio humbly facilitates their equipment and infrastructure to these talented people to aid them in getting their ideas out there. If you enjoy using this or any of our other free to use items, please consider making a donation. The proceeds will go 100% to the developer in order for him or her to spend more time on their next creation! Thank you! 

Get Progressing

Success! Hurry to your inbox to obtain the download link. Do not forget to check your spam folder just in case you do not receive our email. Also please consider a donation to our indie developers using the button above.

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