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Stargate Verbs

One of our favourite units in our studio rack is the Ursa Major Stargate 323 digital Reverb. A unit that really earns the title of vintage digital. The unit was built in 1984 and to those luckily enough to still own one, it is an absolute treat to use in your mix. Especially if you are a fan of that gritty 80s sound. This download contains a wav file as well an SDIR file for a medium setting of each the 8 rooms available in the unit. We are planning to sample more setting of the URSA in the future. However for now these 8 spaces are available to you.

In order to use these reverbs you will need an impulse response (convolution) reverb. For Logic users we recommend using space designer, for Pro tools users Space, Ableton users convolution reverb and for Cubase it is possible to import your custom reverbs in REVerence. Alternatively installing a plug ing like Waves IR verb would also give you acces to these reverb files.


All impulses are sampled at 96 kHz true stereo.  

Get Stargate Verbs

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